Monday, October 1, 2018

Another Snake In The House

  Yesterday I was on the mower & saw Gardenchick waving her arms from across the yard, as we have taught her to do to get our attention. She was yelling that there was another snake in the house. This one had been right under her feet curled up in a room in the basement. Poor child was frantic.
  Yes, sure enough it was a snake, a  baby Prairie Kingsnake in Jim's office right by his desk. You have to really look at these close because they look so much like copperheads. Regardless, it's a snake, it's in my house, it must go.
   When Jim got home he was trying to find out how this one got in & he figured out that it had to be in some of the gardening or pool stuff I have been moving in for the winter. So, moral of the story, check things before you bring them in. Two snakes in one summer is more than enough for me.

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