Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Wed. Morning Gift

My 9 year old picked this for me this morning before school. It was too precious not to get a picture of. Love that girl!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Busy Early Spring

    The last month & especially the last two weeks have been some of our busiest ever.There is always so much to do, but we have also had the added work of going though every box & paper of my MIL's.
    As with so many her age & with dementia, they hoard everything from used zip lock baggies to paper bags & rubber gloves. Jim went through alot of it last fall when we moved her into assisted living, but there was a box trailer full of furniture & "stuff" that we just now had time to do. Not knowing what we needed to keep, donate or just throw away has weighed on us. One day we just got to work on it. There is a little furniture left but we are hoping that someone in the family will take it.
   The garden is ready to go. Soil is worked & this morning I  planted onions, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries & birdhouse gourds. We actually had snow two days ago, but then yesterday was in the 60's. I have 12 tomato plants hardening off, 12 pots of basil, oregano & rosemary going so far.
   During all of the gardening today I also started 10 trays of jerky, bottled 2 gal. of raspberry wine & baked a huge pan of homemade biscuits. Good grief. Tomorrow will be yard day. It takes me 3 hrs to mow each week & that is terribly tiring at my age, but when I was 30 years younger the big yard seemed like such a good idea, not so much now. Everyone need to think about how work need to be simplified as they get older. I just wish I had.