Friday, May 3, 2019

Tornado Update & Update Again 7-2-19

We finally found out that the tornado that hit our place was 5 miles an hour short of an F3. At this point we are still waiting for ins. to show up & it is very hard to keep calm when there is only a tarp keeping the whole house dry & there is severe weather coming again next week. 2 of our neighbors have a total loss. It is raining  now & I am so worried we are going to have issues. Jim has been clearing brush all day. I have been taking pictures of everything he's doing for ins. as well as for us. We have lost most of the trees we have planted since we built the house. Pretty much my flowers are shit for this year, but  one iris bloomed for me this morning. Maybe it's a sign. On a side note.....when they tell you to take cover, do it. Jim & Chick made it to the basement, I did not. I never want to go through that again. I came back upstairs for something & it hit as I was standing  5 ft from a 4ftx7ft window. I never want to hear that noise again.
Update 7-2-19: Our neighborhood is still trying to recover. All of the homes that border our acreage to the east are a complete loss. That's 4, possibly 5 homes. I can throw a rock at these places, they are that close. Thank God, no loss of life or injuries, but total loss of everything for them. We are very lucky. The house is done, finally, & now we will spend the rest of the summer working on the outbuildings, trees & fence all around our property. It's been very stressful to have strangers on our place, it's not something any of us are use to, but again, we are to the point where they will not be coming & going out of our house & that's just fine with me.

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