Friday, August 16, 2019

Tomato Paste

 I have finally started drying & freezing  produce from the garden. It was a month late in getting out since we got hit by a tornado the last day of April. I am drying almost everything, just to save space. I did the onions almost a month ago, okra  & tomatoes  have been on going for the last couple of weeks. The dehydrator has been going almost non stop. Most of the tomatoes have been dried with sea salt, this last batch I strained & cooked down for 2 days to make paste to freeze. There have not been enough cucumbers to make pickles, but enough to eat daily & the basil is going crazy & I will be making pesto to freeze this next week. We still have major work to do on our property from the storm & it got so hot, so quick that we just gave up for the summer. When it starts to cool down we will get back to work on our outbuildings & property. There is still such a mess to deal with.