Sunday, February 16, 2020

It's Been A Long Winter

   It's been a really long winter for me this year. I came down sick with the flu as soon as I returned from Savannah in Oct & could not shake it. By Dec I had pneumonia that about did me in. I am still not 100%, but  I am finally back among the living. I got both the flu & pneumonia shots & have never been sicker in my life.
   We are still waiting on getting our property cleaned up from the tornado that hit us last April. Our neighbors are also working slow. Two houses have been torn down, one being rebuilt, two, as well as ours repaired & one eyesore still partly standing that we have no idea when it will be torn down. A couple of our acres are destroyed with trees either down or close to it. There is still tin & assorted debris hanging from them. It is overwhelming. With so much to do we are at the mercy of people who do this sort of work. The waiting is driving us crazy. We need to get this done before spring when it gets so thick that it's impossible to get it done. Jim & I did cut & stack some last week for firewood, but then got the truck stuck in the yard & had to pull it out with the tractor. We're in slushy season. Just enough snow & rain to make everywhere muddy.
   One thing I have been doing the last couple of weeks is getting my medical supplies in order. I have plastic containers for each category, wound care, cough/cold, daily use, stomach, ect., all within reach & easily found. Hopefully, if one of us needs something we will be able to grab whatever bucket is needed & be able to take care of most situations.